[Very Rare!]Edo Glass Mt. Fuji On-The-Rocks Glass,​ Japan 4Seasons Collection Box[New]

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The very popular "Mount Fuji On-The-Rocks 4 Seasons Collection Box" in a special wooden box has been redesigned!
The new wooden box can now hold up to 5 Mt. Fuji glasses.

●What is the "Mount Fuji Glass Japan 4 Seasons Collection Box"?
Four types of very popular Mt. Fuji seasonal glasses - spring, summer, fall & winter - in one box.
A fully limited WOAH! JAPAN item born from a collaboration of Edo glass artisans of Tajima Glass and WOAH! JAPAN's buyers.
The specially designed wood box can be used to store these Mt. Fuji glasses.
As each item is made individually by hand, these cannot be mass produced. They will surely sell out!

●"Mt. Fuji Glasses 4 Seasons" items are each designed with a pattern which symbolizes each season.
・Spring "Cherry Blossom Pattern": A scene with beautiful cherry blossoms falling through the air.
・Summer "Firework Pattern": Large fireworks beautifully exploding over the summit of Mt. Fuji.
・Fall "Autumn Leaf Pattern": A scene with colored autumn leaves and dragonflies flying through the air.
・Winter "Snow Crystal Pattern": Jewel-like snow crystals and a romantic winter Fuji.

●With an authentic looking Mt. Fuji design in its base.
Enjoy the transition of Mt. Fuji and the four seasons together with the various changes in color reflected on the mountain's surface in your own home.
Use these glasses however you wish - as actual drinking glasses, as an interior decoration, as a collection or as a present for someone important.

See the Mt. Fuji Special Feature Page HERE

Item Description

●Materials: non-lead glass
●Size: 270ml x 4
●Size Details (approx. mm): [Glass] Diameter 92 x H95mm,​ [Box] 265 x 265 x 115㎜
●Weight (item only) [g]: 1200g (300g each)
●Total Weight (including packaging material) [g]: 1910
●Made in Tokyo
●Brand Name: Tajima Glass
●Please Note:
・Do not allow it to come into contact with hard items or other glasses.
・Place gently on a table when putting down.
・As it is susceptible to sudden temperature changes,​ do not put in hot water etc.
・Do not use in a microwave,​ dishwasher or dish dryer.
・If possible,​ wash separately from other items using a soft sponge etc.
・After washing,​ turn upside down to remove moisture and then wipe with a thick cotton cloth etc.
・Do not stack when storing. (If you stack,​ insert a soft cloth between items.)
・Take care handling the wooden box. If you forcibly tighten the lid in the wrong direction,​ it will cause breakage.
・As this item is hand-made,​ the size and weight may differ slightly from item to item.
・As each item is individually hand made,​ on rare occasions it may contain air bubbles. However,​ this is not a defect.
・The wooden box is made using natural materials,​ so the state of each individual item differs.

Item No.  WJC01749

Item weight  1,910.00g